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AMCA Europe International Meet 2017 - 19th to 20th May 2017

Our meet will be held 19 - 20 May 2017 at the American Motorcycle Museum in Raalte, Netherlands. Check out their Website at www.ammh.nl. The museum is about 100 km north of our 2014 location at Geldrop, and convenient for visitors from all over Europe.

Museum. The museum contains a great collection of Harleys, Indians and other US makes such as Henderson, Excelsior and Ace in restored and unrestored condition, some in period settings, as well as parts and memorabilia. Many of our members are making repeat visits to the museum, so there should be something there for all fans of old motorcycles.

Hotel. There is a 98 room hotel right next to the Museum. You can book by Emailing info@westcordhotelsalland.nl with ‘AMCA 2017 19-20 May’ in the header. We have arranged an attractive group rate and rooms are going quickly, so book now!

Camping. There is a camp site not far from the Museum, who can provide details.

Swap Meet. We shall be having a larger swap meet than usual and vendor spaces are still available. All vendors must be AMCA members, but you can join online or at the gate if necessary. Contact amcaeurope@gmail.com to book a space.

Judging. This is your only opportunity in Europe to have your bikes judged to the exacting AMCA standard. We strive for showroom originality so you will see some stunning machines at the Meet. Pre-register at www.antiquemotorcycle.org or contact our top judge at peter.reeves@virgin.net. All judged bikes must belong to AMCA members, but you can join at the gate. We also have a Period Modified class for bobbers, and any bike over 35 years old may be entered in the Display class.

Site map

Mini Camping De Zwerver

Owner: Martin Hondeveld

Address: Nieuwe Deventerweg 32 8101PL Raalte The Netherlands

Phone number +31 (0)6 29268221

Rate 8 Euro per night all in

25 spots available

When participants come with a small tent a spot can be shared

Book a spot at informatie@zwerver-raalte.nl


Click here to download flyer as PDF:

Directions to the American Motorcycle Museum

Address: Zwolsestraat 63C Zip code 8101AB Raalte The Netherlands

Google Maps: https://www.google.nl/maps/search/american+motorcycles+museum+raalte/@52.4035604,6.4607538,10z

If you come from the east

Follow the 30/ E30 direction Oldenzaal and follow A35 to Almelo and Wierden and then follow N35 to Nijverdal and Raalte.

If you come from South Germany/ Austria/ Italy

Follow 3/E35 to Arnhem, than take A50 direction Apeldoorn/ Zwolle, than take A1 direction Deventer, take exit 24 on A1 and follow direction Raalte

If you come from Belgium, France and UK

Follow E19 from Antwerp to Breda, take A27 to Utrecht, take A28 direction Amersfoort, take A1 direction Apeldoorn/ Deventer, take exit 24 on A1 and follow direction Raalte

If you come from Northern Germany and Scandinavian countries

Follow 1/E22 from Hamburg direction Bremen, take 1/E37 direction Osnabrück, take30/ E30 direction Oldenzaal and follow A35 to Almelo and Wierden and then follow N35 to Nijverdal and Raalte.


More Camping options:

Landschap ’t Oldeboers Raalte azwat@kpnplanet.nl

Kriegshuusbelten Raalte www.krieghuusbelten.nl / info@krieghuusbelten.nl

De Flierefluiter Raalte www.infoflierefluiter.nl / info@flierefluiterraalte.nl  

Mini Camping de Joxhorst Broekland www.joxhortst.nl / dejoxhorst@live.nl

Camping De Zwaluwhoeve Heeten www.kleinecamping-dezwaluwhoeve.nl / zwaluwhoeve@yahoo.com

Camping Heino Heino www.campingheino.nl / info@campingheino.nl

Mini Camping De Huttert Luttenberg www.dehuttert.nl / info@dehuttert.nl

Mini Camping De Sent Luttenberg www.desent.nl / info@desent.nl

Vakantiepark De Luttenberg Luttenberg www.luttenberg.nl / receptie@lutteneberg.nl

Camping ’t  Linderhof Mariënheem www.campinglinderhof.nl / info@campinglinderhof.nl

Camping De Poortlander  Nieuw Heeten www.deportlander.nl / info@deportlander.nl

De Sallandshoeve Nieuw Heeten www.sallandshoeve.nl / info@sallandshoeve.nl

Bungalow Parks

Landgoed Old Heino Heino www.oldheino.nl / info@oldheino.nl

De Sallandshoeve Nieuw Heeten www.sallandshoeve.nl / info@sallandshoeve.nl

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